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YouTube today has become the most popular app for free video streaming, this platform is well known by almost everyone on the planet. In this article, we are going to tell you all about Youtube Go App Download. Every one loves high-quality stuff and would like to enjoy it. To really enjoy this, it would require enough mobile data and strong internet connection, this will save you the time of buffering delay of videoes you would like to watch. this is quite annoying sometimes.

Formalising The YouTube Go App download For Smartphones

YouTube Go app is a new app that enables the user to watch videos, Save videos to their mobile device with reduced mobile data usage. Youtube Go App Download which can be gotten from the store is just like what the regular version of what the youtube app looks like. The go app, unlike the regular youtube app, will notify you with the options of downloading the videos or watching the videos instantly.

The youtube go app is built specially for people who have a weak internet connection, or people who would like to minimize their use of data. This goes to tell you that users will not have access to HD resolution.

YouTube Go videos are available in two resolutions; the basic quality and the standard quality. The basic quality looks somewhat like 144p and the standard quality like the 360p.

I know its somewhat uninteresting not to enjoy the  720p and 1080p resolution, but what if you are in an area where there is slow internet speed or you are making using of a device with a little storage capacity, I am sure you will need the YuTube Go App to scale throughout. 

The interesting Features of the YouTube Go App

We are still talking about the Youtube Go App Download

1) you can Control how and When Data to Use your data

With YouTube Go app, you can be able to control how to use your data, this is what I mean you can preview a video and know how interesting It is before watching it. It also shows you the amount of data you will spend before watching or downloading a video. So you can check the quality of the video you want to watch and know if it is what you really want.

2) you can Save Videos to Watch Offline

Just like the regular youtube app, YouTube Go app can enable the user to save videos, so they can watch them later. So all you need to do is to save the video you want to watch offline and later you can watch it. This time it will not require an internet connection.

3) Share Videos with Friends without Extra Data Usage

In the YouTube Go app, you and your friends can share the YouTube Go videos with one another without a data connection. This would be very suitable for devices with a weak connection.

All you have to do is to locate and establish a connection with your friend’s phone using  Bluetooth, the Xender app, the YouTube Go app will make a wireless hotspot to wifi transfer without charge.

4) Recommendation and New Video Alert

To view a recommended video, the user will have to pull down the home page., Just like the normal YouTube, users who subscribe to their favourite channels will also be notified when new videos are added on their favourite channels. I hope this article about Youtube Go App Download will be helpful to you.

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