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If you are a movie lover, and you wish to know the top movie download sites, you are in the right place to get the information you need. In this article, we will be will be happy to show you the Top 14 Free Movie Download Websites we have found and we are sure you will love it
Without wasting time, read carefully and see what we have for you.

 1. YouTube:
Many people save movies offline from youtube, but this movie cannot be sent to other devices, this is because they were not downloaded. Click here and see how to download movies and videos from youtube, I don’t mean saving it offline.


Here, you will be able to download and watch interesting movies, download music and books. Some of the movies you can find here are, The stranger Jungle Book, Farewell to Arms, Iron Mask, Night of the Living Dead, Lady Frankenstein, The Brother from Another Planet, etc.

In, the movies are arranged in various categories which include: adventures, comedy, cartoons, crime, drama, horror, westerns and war. Each category has lots of interesting movies in them, for example, the Adventure category have movies like;Algiers (1938), Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953), Drifter, The (1932), Flight to Nowhere (1946), Go Get Em Haines (1936), Green Glove, The (1950), Jungle Book (1942), King Solomon’s Mines (1985), Laser Mission (1989), Lost World, The (1925), Magic Sword, The (1962) etc.
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4. The Roku Channel: To download movies from the Roku channel, go to

 5. Crackle: To download movies from Crackle, go to

6. Pluto TV: To download movies from Pluto TV, visit the official movie download site at

7. Open Culture: For open culture movie download, click the link

8. MoviesFoundOnline: For movie found online cool movies, go to

Other top download sites include

9.  Vimeo

10. Yahoo View

11. PopcornFlix

12. Classic Cinema Online

13. Hulu

 14. Canopy



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