The secret reason why José Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United


It’s all over between José Mourinho and Manchester United! The secret reason why José Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United: On December 18th 2018, the English team decided to fire the Portuguese couch overnight. But why such a sudden decision? There are several reasons why Manchester United decided to sack Jose Mourinho, one is because the team’s recent poor performance has annoyed the board of directors.

For a number of months, Mourinho’s relationship with his players have soured, he doesn’t get along with the number of stars, for example, he doesn’t speak to Paul pogba, he doesn’t put him on the field which deprived the team of one of their best players, his relationship with the directors was equally bad.

The secret reason why José Mourinho was sacked

The secret reason why José Mourinho was sacked-It was something else entirely that led to Mourinho’s short departure. On Monday the UEFA champions league round of 16 was drawn, and Manchester United picked Paris Saint Germain, the United directors figured that they would not stand a chance against Neymar and Mbappe’s team if they don’t do something about the team’s performance. By firing Mourinho, the directors hoped to create a shock-wave.

You can’t deny that manchester united have performed so poorly in past weeks, they were humiliated by Liverpool, lost 3-1 and took only six shorts to Liverpool’s thirty-six. Although he was in his third season with the Red Devils, José Mourinho was dismissed from his work as a trainer. It all comes as a shock, especially since the English team is preparing to go up against Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League.

The former Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid manager had hoped to stay at Manchester United football club for 15 years, but he has lasted little more than two.

Mourinho leaves United in sixth place in the table and 19 points adrift of league leaders Liverpool.

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