List of 25 Social Networking Sites and Their Information

If you want to bring traffic to the website without SEO, then it is just a way, social site where we can share our website and bring more people to it. There will be countless social websites on the internet, which we can use, but not everyone is aware of which popular social sites are there.

social site

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Let us now know about the social (social) network site that we should use.

What is a social network site?

A social network site is a site where people create their accounts and share their daytime variables or whatever they like. You must have heard the name of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the social network, we get the opportunity to build social relations, with the help of which we can stay connected.

Popular social networking site information


The most widely used Facebook application today, it was launched in 2004. On Facebook, we can make 5000 friends and stay connected.

If there is a big personality, then they can also create pages on Facebook. Along with this, you can also create Facebook group in which any number of people can join, who have interest in it.

Hindi Me Help Group must be John on Facebook .


Twitter is a universal platform, which is a special thing that anyone can tag on it in their posts. It was launched in March 2006. On Twitter, 330 million users are regularly using it.

If we make a good identity here and post good quotes, pictures, videos and gif posts. People like to say good things, see good and read well, so you can share your thoughts with people here.

Highlights of Twitter:

  • This is what we do post who Tweethe called extra 250 Sbdo can not, we have to say in short that is to say.
  • #HasTags are used the most, which gives all such posts a wake.
  • There is no follow limit.


Tumblr is a social networking website, we can share any content on it.

Website can be designed here. On Tumblr we can create a brand of our own as the Tumblr website has been working among us since 2007.

Tumblr is so popular and how many users do it, you can guess it by its Alexa Rank which is between 50 and 100. Its month traffic is 400 million.

You can share this with your blog so that you will get good traffic on your blog.


There is no need to tell you anything about Youtube, in today’s time almost every internet user wants to make a Youtuber, or think that their video also came in trend.

YouTub is a video platform, anyone can create their own channel and upload the video and also make money from it.

YouTub started in 2005 and today after Google, YouTub is the second search engine where people search to see something.

You can easily post your business on YouTube. How we brought Subscriber to the views on Youtube and we have shared information about it.


The Quora website, started in 2009, has become the most frequently asked website in the current time.

If you have a way of asking questions and have an answer, then this site is best for you.

Quora ranks 85th in the Internet world, and its 2018 income was 20 million views.

There is also an option to earn money in Quora, in which those who give a reply will get money. So like this you can also earn money from Quora.

If you have a website, you can also bring traffic to your site from Quora .


LinkedIn is a social networking website that started in 2002. The website is currently ranked number 23 on the Internet and has a traffic of 990 million per month, with over 1 lakh articles written here.

It currently has 635 million subscribers.

Here we can do anything by creating our account, but we have to follow some rules, because this is a professional website. It sees the logo professionals, and introduces them to each other.

Meaning, if you say in easy terms, this social website is the best for business, it has been made by thinking this.

On Linkdin, you can create a unique identity that will help you to help ghosts to move forward in your field.

The ghost checks his Linkedin profile before giving the company a job.


Pinterest is a visual search, archive and storage tool. It was launched in 2010 which has provided a good fan following service.

You can make yourself comprehensive and here you can make your favorite collection. For quotes, we need to make a playlist of songs. In the same way, you can create a collection of photos on pintest.

Advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites essay

5 disadvantages of social networking

  • There are some children, individuals, girls who leave their studies, leave work and stay online on social networking websites. Which wastes a lot of their time.
  • By using social media sites, people run for likes and comments like things, so that they move away from the real world.
  • If we connect with the wrong people on the social site, then it also affects us.
  • Many rumors are spread very easily on the social site, due to which ghost people do not even know the truth about it and they trust that rumor.
  • Due to lack of site information of the social site, many people upload something that should not be done, after which they have to face ghost disturbance.

5 benefits of social networking

  • With social networking, you can create a different identity online, which will help you in any work.
  • With the help of the social network site, we can post our business and make people inactive.
  • With the help of the social network site, it feels like the whole world is connected, we can do this live video, call messages and whatever is going on in our life can share it with the world.
  • There are many businesses that are coming in with the help of social media, and the ghost people have got employment with their games.
  • We can easily get information about what is going on in the country and in the world.

Social networking website list

social site

Photo sharing social network

General purpose social network

Game Network Website

  • Habbo
  • MocoSpace
  • Zynga

Video networking sites

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So friend, now you know what is a social network site and what is their work and how can we use it to make our life more strong.

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