How To See Who viewed My Facebook

Because of resulting privacy concern, Facebook has finally decided to allow users to see who viewed and who is viewing their profile. In this article, we are going to show you how To See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile. You may wonder, is it really important to know who viewed my facebook profile? Well, imagine own or you manage a retail store, now someone walks into the store, what will you do? Obviously, you will like to know why he or she has come, maybe by asking how can I help you? This is because the person may be interested in you what you are selling. Now that is similar to your Facebook profile. When you find out that someone is viewing your profile, you may wish to engage him or her in a conversation and get to know more about the person or what he or she wants. anyone who is viewing your profile must be interested in you. It is really important for you to know who viewed your facebook profile. Here are other reasons why you should know who viewed your facebook profile.

How to know how much time you have spent on Facebook. This will help you  to avoid overuse.

Why should you care about knowing How To See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

  • If someone is on your list of friends or might have known you from somewhere, something may happen, then he or she may decide to view your profile. It could be that someone may have passed along your name or some of your info to him or her and they want to know more.
  • People who view your profile may want to know more about you either for good or bad, so if you have you people whom you suspect to be bad guys, it will be good to know when they view your profile. This may help you to know those who you may hide so tome your identity from in case.

Now you have to know why you should know who viewed your profile, let’s see how to do it.

How to know who viewed my facebook profile

This features of how you can see who viewed your profile are available now only on iOS, but you can also get to know who viewed your profile if you have a personal computer. Below are the steps.

How to know who viewed my profile with my IOS device

Go to the main drop-down menu that is the three lines

scroll down to >“Privacy Shortcuts.”

Just below  “Privacy Checkup” feature, you will see the “Who viewed my profile?” option.

How to know who viewed my profile with my Pc (personal computer)

Log into your facebook account

Right click on this blank part of your home page


Click on page source> some texts will appear

Press “control F” and  Type in initialchartfriendslist in the space provided.

You will see facebook IDs like this,  the first one is who viewed your profile the most.


Copy any one you wish this way.

NOTE: you must copy the numbers from “1” to the last number before the “hyphen” close to “2” How To See Who viewed My Facebook Profile

Create a new tab, type in “ number you copied” and press enter.

How To See Who viewed My Facebook Profile

Now you will see the person who viewed your profile

Now you have  known How To See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

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