How to Prevent Kidney Problem/Avoid Kidney Diseases


Today, many young people are suffering from one kidney problem or the other. Sadly, young people are carried away by many activities in their day to day living, and this makes it difficult for them to identify some activities that can endanger their health. For those who may have been affected a little, they find it difficult to identify symptoms of kidney problems, and this makes it difficult for them to How to Prevent Kidney Problem.

Activities like music, entertainments, relationship and mostly working hard to make money, can be a distraction in identifying what one can do to avoid kidney problem and how one can identify symptoms of kidney problem. Some well-known individuals have died as a result of kidney failure,  this may be because they did not know How to Prevent Kidney Problem. Some of these persons include;

  • Ernest Borgnine, an actor, died 2012 of kidney failure
  • Alex Karras, actor and football player, died 2012 of kidney failure
  • Jonah Lomu, New Zealand rugby player, suffered kidney failure due to nephrotic syndrome, died 2015 from cardiac arrest related to his kidney condition
  • David Huddleston, an actor, died 2016 from advanced heart disease and kidney disease

This article is only going to make you be more aware of little things you could do to avoid kidney problems. At the end of this article, you will know How to Prevent Kidney problem, after daily hard work. you can also read The amazing health benefits of Almond.

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This article focuses on a few things one can do to avoid kidney problem or kidney disease. It applies to both young and old people. We hope this article will be of good use to you.

How to Prevent Kidney Problem/Avoid Kidney Diseases 

1. Delayed Excretion

For most people who went to highly disciplined schools, you would agree with me that, you don’t have the liberty to urinate at ease anywhere you feel like. Well, that was a were very good training, and were also precautionary methods of restricting students’ movement so as to allow them to read and perform well.

However, you should know that when you are pressed in truth. It is advisable not to keep your urine in the bladder for so long. Even if you are in public transport, do not fail to indicate that you are pressed and need “to go”.

A full bladder can cause damage; it multiplies bacteria quickly. If the urine stays in the bladder for long it could reflux back to the ureter and kidneys. This could result in infections; kidney or urinary tract infections.

2. Salt

I have read somewhere that salt is very bad for “blacks”. I really don’t understand the relationship between Sodium Chloride and black skin.  Also, one of my friends who is a very bad cook, would always defend his actions by saying, anytime he adds excess salt into his cooking you would hear these words of justification, ” My body is lacking salt“. All the same, too much of everything is bad. salt isn’t so wonderful for the kidney. It could lead to hypertension.  Salt intake should be very minimal.

The body removes unwanted fluid by filtering blood through the kidney to draw excess water out of your blood. This is done through the process of osmosis. However, it needs a balance of sodium and potassium to pull the water across the wall from the bloodstream into a collecting channel in the kidney.

Now, if you take a high amount of salt, it will change the sodium balance. Resulting in the reduction of the kidney’s function. The kidney will now remove less water. When this happens, the doctors will say “you have high blood pressure”. This puts a strain on the kidneys and can lead to kidney disease.

4. Red Meat

Although there isn’t yet a tangible proof that so much protein could lead to kidney failure, researchers have also made it clear that a low amount of protein is good for people with kidney related problems.

“It adds useful and additional information to our knowledge base, but I’m not sure if it necessarily tips the scale one way or another,” said Dr Allon Friedman, a nephrologist and associate professor of medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.”My opinion is that it’s still perfectly fine for individuals who are otherwise healthy to consume red meat in moderation,” he said.

Dr William Mitch, professor of nephrology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said plenty of studies have shown that low-protein diets may benefit people who already have kidney damage.

However, “in the general population, there’s no persuasive evidence that eating a lot of protein causes kidney damage,” he said.

Well, don’t forget protein digestion produces ammonia – a toxin that is very destructive to your kidneys. More
meat equals more… If you are sure your kidney is in a perfect condition, feel free to munch on but to be on a safer side, try to reduce red meat intake.

4. Caffeine

This is one of the most serious parts of How to Prevent Kidney Problem. Caffeine is a component of many sodas and soft drink. It could also be found in non-decaffeinated coffee. Excess Caffeine in the system raises the blood pressure and suffers the kidney. Just try to cut down on substances containing caffeine to avoid kidney problems.

5. Drinking water

Water does a lot of wonders in the human body. The importance of water cannot be fully expressed in this category. Just know that the kidney needs water. It helps to reduce the concentration of toxins it filters from the blood. It also helps in the formulation of urine that excretes unwanted materials from the body.

If you don’t drink water the toxins get so concentrated in the blood, as there isn’t enough fluid to drain them through the kidneys. Give yourself a target of eight glass of water a daily. You are free to exceed. You will not drown that way. Always check the colour of your urine to help you determine if you are dehydrated or not. Drinking water could help you avoid kidney problems naturally.

6. Late treatment

Most people go to the hospital only when; they are down with an illness, or when they want to accompany or visit a patient. It is medically advised that we have a regular health check-up. Let us help ourselves, our friends, families and loved ones. Don’t allow yourself to be very ill before going to see your doctor.

Now you have seen what we have on How to Prevent Kidney Problem, we will also show you foods to avoid if you have a bad kidney.

17 Foods to Avoid If You Have Bad Kidneys

Here are 17 foods that you should likely avoid on a renal diet.

  1. Dark-Colored Colas
  2. Avocados
  3. Canned Foods
  4. Whole-Wheat Bread
  5. Brown Rice
  6. Bananas
  7. Dairy
  8. Oranges and Orange Juice
  9. Processed Meats
  10. Pickles, Olives and Relish
  11. Apricots
  12. Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes
  13. Tomatoes
  14. Packaged, Instant and Pre-Made Meals
  15. Swiss Chard, Spinach and Beet Greens
  16. Dates, Raisins and Prunes
  17. Pretzels, Chips and Crackers

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