Pregnant Women Should Eat Garden Egg Leaves- See Why

Pregnant women are often recommended to always eat food, fruits, and vegetables with a high amount of minerals and vitamins. Babies do take a lot of vitamins and minerals from their mother and then leaving little or no minerals and vitamins for their mother. In this article, you will find out why Pregnant Women Should Eat garden egg leaf.

Garden egg leaf is one of the vegetables that contain lots of minerals and vitamins, that is why it is best recommended for Pregnant women.

Dishes that can be prepared with garden egg leaf includes;

  • Vegetable Stew.
  •  Melon (egusi) soup.
  •  Okra soup.
  •  African salad (ugba) and yam dishes.
  • It could also be eaten raw, however, it is advised you cook the leaves before eating, so as to avoid listeria in pregnancy.

Reasons why Pregnant Women Should Eat Garden Egg Leaves

♦ Vitamin: A vitamin is an organic molecule (or related set of molecules) which is an essential micronutrient that an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism.

◊ Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed by both the pregnant woman and the baby, because it’s necessary for the body to make collagen, and helps in the formation of tendons, bones and skin. Babies who lack vitamin can most likely to have impaired mental development. Because Garden egg leaf contains a lot of vitamin C, pregnant women are advised to make good use of it

◊ Vitamin B

Vitamin B is also contained in the Garden Egg leaf, pregnant women who make use of garden egg leaf are able to stay strong especially when they feel tired in their first trimester; they help to convert food into energy at ease.

♦ Calcium

Calcium is needed in babies for the development of bones and teeth and Garden Egg leaf also contains calcium. Unborn babies need calcium to grow a healthy heart and to have a normal heartbeat. A pregnant woman needs calcium to reduce the risk of Hypertension.

If you do not have enough calcium in your body, it will not be good because babies will draw lots of calcium from your body.

 ♦ Potassium

Potassium helps in sending nerve impulses and also help the muscles to contract. Because garden egg leaf contains a lot of potassium, it is recommended for pregnant women, especially for those who are always having cramps.

Now you see how beneficial Garden egg leaf is to pregnant women and why Pregnant Women Should Eat garden egg leaf. Even if you will not be able to use garden egg leaf on daily basis, try it out once or twice a week, alongside with other healthy foods you take, you are sure to have a happy “Latency period”.




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