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Instagram is one of the most trending social apps now. Young one and adults seem to be so much into it. Instagram has been around for long now, but I can tell you that it is growing rapidly in recent years. It is very easy to sign up to Instagram, the procedure is easy and fast. Instagram is basically used to share photos and videos with your followers and people who you follow. This is just the little description we have about Instagram. Now we will answer the question how can I join Instagram? maybe when you get there, you will come to know more.

How can I join Instagram? or how to sing up on Instagram? Signing up on Instagram is the first step one can take before joining the Instagram social media. This means creating a new account. When you get done with this procedure, you will be able to enjoy every bit of this amazing platform called Instagram.

First Answer To Question-How Can I Join Instagram?

Before you can join Instagram you need to ask your self what do  I need to join Instagram? Yes, you need to ask your self this question because there are requirements to join Instagram. Below are the requirements to join Instagram

With all this ready, you are good to go on and create your Instagram Account

How To Sing Up On Instagram

There are to ways of signing up on Instagram

  • Sign up on Instagram via Facebook.
  • Sign up on Instagram via the Instagram official website

Singing Up On Instagram Via Facebook

This method of signing up on Instagram is the most simple and Straightforward method all you need to do is; make sure you have an existing Facebook account and follow the procedure below. When you sign up on Instagram with your Facebook account, your Facebook friends on Instagram will automatically be invited to follow you.

  • Go to the Instagram official website or open the Instagram App on your mobile phone
  • ON the home page, click on sign up with a Facebook account, from here you will be redirected to facebook site where you will be required to provide your Facebook login details.
  • Now provide your Facebook login details.
  • If your details are correct, you will be redirected to Instagram
  • Then choose Instagram username and password for yourself.
  • Now your Instagram account is ready.

Sign Up On Instagram Via Instagram Official Website


This method is also simple straight-forward. You will not be redirected to any other site with this process. Here are the steps

Go to the official website on

Click on sign up.

Now you will need some of that requirement we mentioned above. Which includes your mobile number or email address.

  • Type in your email or phone number
  • Provide a strong password for your account to avoid hackers from hacking to your account

Now your account is ready via the Instagram official site.

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