Instagram Voice Messaging Feature In Direct Messages-New Launching


In other to direct messages section, Instagram has decided to add voice messaging features in the direct message, talking about the new Instagram Voice Messaging Feature. Just like WhatsApp, Instagram users can now record and send an audio message in private and group chats.

How to use the new Instagram Voice Messaging Feature

To do this, just hold down the microphone button, this you can do for up to one minute. Once you release it, your message will automatically send to the receiver.

If you made a mistake in the message, and wish to rerecord it or you no longer want to send a voice message at that time, you can slide your hand to the trash can icon to delete the message.

This feature is quite similar to that of WhatsApp, and other messengers with such similar feature. This new feature of Instagram is now running on iOS and Android.

But Instagram has arrived quite late with this feature, unlike other social media that have been using this for a long time now.

Recently, voice chat is becoming the most preferred way of communication on social media.

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