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If you are an iPhone user and you wish to know how to Locate a Lost Phone if stolen, or how you can prevent thieves from getting into your personal data if your phone is stolen. Apple has made it possible for you with a new tool called Find MY iPhone. This is a free service that is part of iCloud, it uses the GPS in your phone, and its Internet connection to help you locate the position of your device on a map. Although no one would wish to lose their phone, this tool will go a long way to help find your iPhone or erase the data in your phone if you eventually could not get to it.

How To Locate A Lost iPhone With “Find My iPhone”  Or Erase my iPhone

Before you can go through this process of how to Locate a Lost iPhone, you must have this “Find MY iPhone” tool on your iPhone and must have done the service setup before the phone was stolen. If you did have it and did the setup, go to in a web browser.

To find your missing iPhone, follow the steps below:

  1. With the account you used when setting up the Find My iPhone tool, go to iCloud. This may be your Apple ID/iTunes account.
  2. Under the web-based tool, click on Find iPhone. The tool will begin searching to locate all the devices you have it enabled on. As it does, you will see a message on the screen.
  3. Find and Click on the device you would like to search for if you had set up more than one device. If it locates your device, you can zoom in and out on the map to track your device easily and closely. You can choose any of the modes at the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • The play sound mode will help you enable your iPhone to play audio sound if your device has gone missing around the house.
  • The lost mode this mode will help you type a mobile number that will appear on the screen of the lost phone so that anyone that sees the phone can call the number and help you get in touch with your lost phone. As the number appears, an audible tone will be played to help draw people’s attention to your device.
  • The Erase mode; if you think you will not be able to find the device, you can click on erase mode to prevent the new user of your phone from accessing your data.

Other Steps Includes;

  1. Click Play Sound. If you think your phone is lost near the house, click on play sound to enable it to ring your hearing.
  2. If you click on Lost Mode. This will enable you to add a password on the phone or put a mobile number on the screen of your phone and enable sound to draw attention to your phone. The mobile number you have added on the screen will make it possible for anyone who wants to return your device to you to easily contact you.
  3. If you think will not be able to find the phone, click on erase data to clear all the data in your phone to prevent the new user from getting in touch with your data.
  4. If you think someone is moving your device,  click the green dot representing your phone then click the rounded arrow in the pop-up window. This will enable you to see the location of your device using the GPS data.

What if you could not find the location of your iPhone maybe because the device is on offline mode, out of battery or is turned off.

Check the “Notify Me When Found” box. This will enable the “Find my iPhone” tool to notify you when your device is turned on. If you have given out or have sold the phone, Choose to Remove from Account so that it will not show up in my Find My iPhone anymore.

Now that you have seen how to Locate a Lost iPhone, 

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