Eight WhatsApp Tricks And Tips: Cool WhatsApp Tricks

You may be using WhatsApp instant messenger for long now, but I can tell you that there are still some WhatsApp tricks that you may not have known by now. Without much talk, carefully read this text as I show you these 8 Whatsapp tricks I have for you.

Eight Whatsapp Trick And Tips

 Find out if you are being Ignored

If you think someone has been ignoring your message and you really want to know if you are being ignored or how long you have been ignored if the person finally replies.
What to Do:
Tap and hold the last chat you sent until it’s highlighted > tap the three vertical dots at the top of your screen > tap “info” (you will see the message info stating when the message was sent, read and when it was delivered).
Hope this doesn’t stir up quarrels in your relationship.

Find out those who read your message in a group

Here you get to find out the people who actively participate in a group chap and those who are just there to read other peoples chat.
What to Do:
Type a message on the group chat > tap and hold the message you sent > click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen > tap ‘info’ (You will see the list of all those who read your message and the time the message was read. You will also be able to see those who are yet to read under the “delivered” section).

 Manage Your Whatsapp Storage Usage

With lots of media, documents, files, and texts sent on Whatsapp, you are liable to run into low storage capacity. When this happens, don’t zoom out deleting the whole Whatsapp app, all you need to do is find out the particular chat consumes more space and delete them.
What you should do:
Tap the three vertical dots on the top your screen > select “settings” > tap ‘Data and Storage’ > select ‘storage’ (you will be able to see the list of contacts with the highest size >tap on the contact > select ‘manage messages’ > tick or untick the boxes > tap ‘clear messages’.
This is one of the Whatsapp tricks that could help you find out your favourite chats, more MB size equals more chat time.

Silent Group Chats

Maybe there is this group you are in and notifications keep flooding into your phone, now you do not want these notifications from that group to continue coming and you do not also want to exit the group, then your phone is vibrating and beeping. This can be irritating. To continue staying in the group on a low key, just MUTE THE GROUP NOTIFICATIONS, then read/ reply at convenience.
What to Do:
Tap “Chats” > Tap and hold the group chat > click on the sound icon that is crossed with a slash located at the top corner immediately after the pin icon > choose how long you wish to mute the groups notifications (8 hours, 1 week, 1 year) tick on the show notifications box if you wish to be seeing notifications from the group on your home screen.

Hide Your Profile Picture

Do you know that you can make your WhatsApp profile picture visible to
Everyone: Everyone using Whatsapp, including those who did not save your contact in their device
Only my contacts: Those who did not save your contact in their device will not see your profile picture
Nobody: this means that nobody on WhatsApp will see your profile picture, whether they saved your contact or not, ONLY you can see it
How to do it
Go to Chats > Click on the three vertical dots at the top right side of your screen > tap ‘settings’ > select “Account” > tap ‘privacy’ > tap ‘Profile photo’ > then select any of the options above.

 Choose people who view your Whatsapp Status

The Whatsapp status is one of the latest features added on the Whatsapp app, but you can restrict people who view your status. The restrictions include:

    • My contacts: Those who did not save your contact in their device will not see your status
    • My contacts except: here you are to choose people in your contact who cannot view your status
    • Only share with: here, you are you select one who you can share your status with
      How to do it
      Tap ‘Status’ > Click on the three vertical dots at the right top corner of your screen > tap “Status privacy” > select who can see your Whatsapp status updates.
    • Read Chats Secretly

Now maybe you are chatting with someone, you do not want the person to know that you have read his or her message due to one reason or the other.

What do I mean when chatting on WhatsApp, you send a message to someone, now if the message is sent, it will tick a good, when the message is delivered to the person it will tick double good and if he or she has seen and read the message, the double ticked good will turn blue.
Now you do not what your friends to know that you have read their message, because they may become upset if you don’t reply, just do this.

What you should do

Tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen > select “Account” > tap “Privacy” > untick the “Read Receipts ” box.


Make emphasis on your chats:

Whatsapp Tricks – How to Format your Texts
These Whatsapp tricks are very essential especially if you wish to make an announcement in a group chat, or you need to emphasize on a specific point while communication with your friend. With these Whatapp tricks, users are able to make bold the content of their chats, italicize, or even
What you should Do:
Bold: type *the words you wish to make bold*
Italicize type _the words you wish to italicize_
Strike-through: type ˜the words you wish to strike-through˜


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