How to Successfully Delete FaceBook Account

Facebook is the world’s number one social media platform. Thousands of people connect with Facebook every day and at the same time some users also leave Facebook. There can be many reasons for leaving Facebook. However, it depends on how you use Facebook. If you want, you can also make Facebook work for yourself. But on the other hand, when it comes to leaving Facebook, it can also have many personal reasons. Different people give different reasons for leaving Facebook.

Should You Leave

The answer to this question is hidden in the way you use Facebook. If you use Facebook every day for a short time to check your friends’ updates, then Facebook is right for you. But on the other hand, you are unnecessarily cutting time on Facebook, so yes, you should retire from Facebook right now.

These Are The Reasons For Leaving Facebook

Privacy is the first reason to leave Facebook. No one will look into our personal lives, no one will like it. Although Facebook has made changes in its privacy settings many times and people have also liked it. But still many times your personal photos and information etc. are exposed to everyone. Some people also want that if someone searches their name on Facebook, their profile is not visible. In this way they want to remain hidden from the world. At the same time, Facebook also has a block feature. With which you can block selected people.

These reasons can also be –

  1. Facebook ads don’t like it.
  2. You do not like virtual media life.
  3. Do not know how to use Facebook.
  4. You do not want to share every information of life on Facebook.
  5. People are bored of seeing pictures of food on Facebook.
  6. There are very few friends on Facebook.
  7. Parents are watching your Facebook.

According to a research conducted on about 7,200 students, most of the youth are now preferring to tweeter or Instagram instead of Facebook. Photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are creating their own space among the users. Also, people close to him are not very active on these platforms. Because of which no one keeps an eye on their activities here. Due to this, these people are also liking Instagram etc. Whereas on Facebook, all the relatives are related to parents. Because of which everyone keeps an eye on your post.

Deactivating Facebook!

on the Web To delete Facebook completely, go directly to this link – Delete Facebook Permanently

After which Facebook will ask for your remaining information and after doing so you will never be able to recover this Facebook account in future.

But if you do not want to delete your Facebook account completely and want to take some time off from it and then return it to Facebook. So you can also deactivate Facebook for some time. It is also easy to do and just follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, login to Facebook.
  2. Then go to Settings .
  3. Facebook delete
  4. There is a General tab on the left side, open it

At the bottom of General, an option named Deactivate your account will appear. Select it.

After this, Facebook will ask you to enter the password once. Enter password and proceed. Now the window below will appear.

Here you have to select this is temporary I’ll back . After that press the Confirm button and your Facebook account gets deleted. You can also recover it later whenever you want. For this you only have to login.

Delete Facebook account on Android App-

If you use Facebook’s app and want to delete the account on it. So just open the app and go to the three parallel line option.

Now come to the bottom of the app and go to Account Settings .

The General name look option. Open it

Now at the bottom of the app, there will be an option named Deactive , select it and complete the next steps.

In this way you have deleted your account for some time from the Facebook app. If you have also recently deleted your Facebook account, then tell us by commenting and share the reason for deleting us as well.

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