Common Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight


Eyes are organs of the visual system.  The eyes They provide a vision for living organisms by giving them the ability to receive and process visual detail. The eyes also help in enabling several photo response functions that are independent of vision. The eye can detect light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons.  Human eyes are considered among the most important organs in the body. Sadly we deliberately engage in some habits that ruin the eyesight. In this post, we will show you Common Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight.

Top Eight Common Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight

Smoking: The worst habit that Ruins your Eyesight

The habit of smoking damages the eyesight to a large extent. Research has shown that Smoking doubles the chances of losing eyesight after 50. It is very obvious to everyone that smoking can cause health problems on the lungs and heart, but many do not know that it is associated with the health of eyes. When the smoke goes into your eyes it damages it from the inside and to a very large extent. This happens when the smoke cause damage to your retina, your retina begins to deteriorate and your vision follows through.  Apart from damaging your retina, smoking also harms your eye tissues. Smoking has been associated with 25% of cases of macular degeneration due to ageing. Smokers are not just liable to die young, they are more likely to contact eye disease including cataracts, blood vessel damage, uveitis and vision loss. Quitting smoking may be difficult.  To help you quit smoking if you are a smoker, see the article; how to quit the habit of smoking at JW online library

Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing the eye if one of the common bad habits that ruin your eyesight. When you rub your eyes often times, it may cause breakage in the blood vessels under your eyelid. When you get irritation in the eye, it is best to try moisturizing eye drops or cold compress over your irritated eyes for some minutes. Do not use a warm compress because the heat can increase the histamine discharge and make your condition worse. If you insist on rubbing the eye, make sure you wash your hand and dry then before rubbing your eye.

Computer or mobile phone For Too Long

When you are focused and trying to read small texts on your computer or mobile phone, you stress and hurt your eye, most especially when you do so for long hours. This can result in blurred vision, dizziness, dry eyes and nausea. To help curb this, take a break for about 15 to 20 minutes when using your device for a long time. Or try to make the texts very bold to avoid stressing and straining your eye to read things. Staying in front of your computer all day long can be damaging to your eye.

Watching a screen in the night

Watching any kind of screen (laptops, television, mobile phone. Etc.) in the dark night can be damaging to your eye. When watching the screen in the night, the light levels often change and your eye tries to adjust to the level of the light. This results in stressing and straining of the eye. This can also cause headaches, redness, dry eyes and even affect your sleep. Reading or studying in a deem light is also not recommended.

Not Wearing Safety Goggles

According to research, about 45% of eye injuries occur at home, and the most common cases are being exposed to harmful chemicals in household products, home improvement projects, oil splatters and hot grease during cooking and using hot styling tools. So, do well to wear safety google while working on these chemicals at home

Reading While On The Road

Many people try to read one or two things as something to do while walking on the road, or while travelling. This is not good because doing this can extend your eyes and make it hard for them to focus. It is not recommendable to read or write while you are on the sun.

Overuse of Eye Drops

While eye drops have its own good effect in the eye, it can also have a bad effect. Doctors warn that non-prescribed eye drop will not improve the health of your eye. Instead of overusing the eye drop, doctors recommend that you use them for a short period of time. If you are using a prescribed eye drop, don’t forget to follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Misusing Eye Makeup

Most for ladies make up is one of the Common Bad Habits that Ruin Your Eyesight. Recently, lots of people are really making use of makeups. Markups include those things you put on your face or near your eye to look better. They include; mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye creams etc. these are a potential risk to the eye. So be sure you do not apply makeup close to your lash line in order not to block the oil glands, which can result in infections. Additionally, it is recommended you discard makeups every three months because bacterias often grow in damp and dark areas like makeup containers. Don’t forget to remove makeup every night before going to bed. This you can do by bathing or washing your face.

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