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How to Add Photos on Mp3 Songs | Song Photo Guides – Today in this era of internet, we can easily listen to or download our favorite music online with the help of any app or website. Usually, if you download a song from a website or elsewhere, then there is a photo of the hero of that website or song. Actually, it is a cover photo which tells about the site or that song with the help of a picture. But just think! How funny it will be when your photo appears in place of that cover photo. If you also want to place your photo in place of a cover photo of a music, then this article is for you today because in this article we are giving you complete information of putting your cover photo in a song with the help of Android phone.

So you have downloaded some of your favorite songs. But hey wait! Song front photo! It’s not perfect

Mp3 Songs

But don’t worry, we are here with a very good tutorial by which you can change or add photos to your favorite songs as per your choice.

To put your photo on a song, you have to follow some easy steps given below which you can easily put your cover photo in any song.

STEP 1. First of all you have to open the Play Store of Android smartphone.

And now this application named ” Star Music Tag Editor” has to be installed. This app has been installed more than 5 Million times so far. After installing the app, now we have to open it. And now all your songs will be shown.

STEP 2.  Now that we have to put our photo on the cover photo, we will tap on that song.

STEP 3.  Now we have to tap on Choose Image. And select that photo from Gallery. Which we want to put on the cover photo. After selecting Cover Photo, we have to type the title of that photo in the album below and save it.

That’s it, you can apply a cover photo to any song like this.

Along with this, here we are going to tell you another app with the help of which you can easily put your photo on any song. Here we are going to tell about another popular app which has been downloaded more than 5 Million times on Play Store.

STEP 1.  First you haveto install this application namedi tag from Play Store.

STEP 2.  After that we have to open this app. After opening, accept the Terms of Services of the App, now all Mp3 Songs are visible here.

STEP 3. We will tap  on the song on which we want to put our photo.

STEP 4.  And after that we have to tap on Pick Picture here and select the photo that we want to

put as a cover photo.


Now we have to enter the title of that song on the album below and tap on the Save icon above.

Finest Programs for Adding Picture to MP3 on Windows

So with some of the above methods, you can easily put your favorite cover photo in any song. This is actually quite a trick which you all like to study by searching in Google. And you have learned very well in this post how you can put your type of photo in your favorite song.

In this way, you can easily set your Cover Photo by applying your photo to any song. If it is especially beneficial when you remix a song, in that case you can edit a photo about yourself and set it for a cover photo.

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