7 Reasons to Sign Up Instagram


There are different reasons why each person would want to sign up for Instagram. Signing up for Instagram depends on the choice of the individual. Some people decide not to sign up for Instagram because they think it is a time killer. But some think that Instagram is one of the best ways to facilitate their day to day activities. Instagram is one of the most trending social apps now. Young one and adults seem to be so much into it. Instagram has been around for long now, but I can tell you that it is growing rapidly in recent years. It is very easy to sign up to Instagram, the procedure is easy and fast. In this article, I am going to show you the 7 reasons why you need to sign up Instagram today. You really need this especially if you are a business person.

Although Instagram can be seen as an addiction for those who have tied their life around happenings in the social media, it also has a lot of advantages just like other social media like facebook, tweeter etc. Instagram is home of creativity, so sign up for Instagram if you are a creative person.

Please note that I am not just showing you these reasons to advertise or because I am affiliated with Instagram,  I am just someone who has been struck by the reality of life and business. I relatively Joined Instagram 4 years ago. Just saying because I am kinda better off in that aspect than someone who is yet to join).

I ones thought  Instagram to be a heavy distraction but now, I have seen that I missed a lot all these years. As one who has become an expert in using Instagram, I have some experiences here to share with you, talking about 7 Reasons to Sign Up Instagram.

7 reasons why you need to sign up Instagram today

  1. The newest Features of Instagram

In other to direct messages section, Instagram has decided to add voice messaging features in the direct message, talking about the new Instagram Voice Messaging Feature. Just like WhatsApp, Instagram users can now record and send an audio message in private and group chats.

  1. Amazing Culture

Instagram has a culture that has been adopted by mostly all Instagram users. Most Instagram users are creative at hearts and also love to join with like minds, which means if you regularly like a person’s work genuinely and follow, there is a lot of possibilities that the person starts liking yours, following back or at least notice you.

Just in case you are planning to be on your own without liking or asking to follow people, then it is going to be quite a lonely and boring experience #justkidding, even if you don’t like or follow anybody, someone would definitely like or follow you once you are creative and likeable.

  1. International Connection

Instagram and other social media have made the world a smaller place. This implies that you can easily connect, and interact with people in far places just with your Instagram account. You can be able to find and interact with friends you may have left and forgotten for a very long time ago. Not only that, with Instagram, you can be able to advertise your business, your services, talents and products, so that someone somewhere maybe in another country might get interested and be ready to go all out to get in contact with you.

  1. Latter est Feature “Shop Now”

Instagram’s latest feature “Shop now” allows brands to connect shopping carts to their products and services on their Instagram Post. Although this tool is yet to have fully experimented, I bet you once it is proven to be a powerful tool, then online shopping is bound to be taken to another level. Sign up Instagram and take your business to the next level. this is one of the most important among the 7 Reasons to Sign Up Instagram.

  1. It’s not just social media. It is a Community

This I can say is one of the best among 7 Reasons to Sign Up Instagram. Instagram is not just a social media, it is also a community where you could feel free to share and engage your followers. Using just the simple hashtag method, you may also wish to build your own community on Instagram, and attract community members to your post or your business.

  1. Popularity effect

Even if you aren’t for business, you still need to know how Instagram compares with other social platforms based on popularity, then if you wish to exploit this feature by monetizing this popularity power then be sure to have a mind-blowing outcome

However, if you aren’t on this internationally popularized platform, your products would definitely sell, but be sure to be a local champion.

  1. Mobile Device Friendliness

Signing up for Instagram is very simple and quick you can do that with any internet accessible device. You may wish to sign up for Instagram with your email address or your Facebook.

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