10 Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence- You Must Watch


Science fiction have always been the most interesting movie for most movie lovers. For years now Artificial intelligence movies focus on the storyline of how a machine gained control over itself, overpowered and destroyed its creator. However, the storyline and the overall quality of sci-fi movies have drastically improved. So these are the 10 Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence that are worth watching.

10 Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence 

1. I, Robot

The best movie that featured artificial intelligence is I, Robot. This movie was directed by Alex Proyas. I, Robot is all about a detective who is technophobic. This detective investigates the suicide of leading robotics scientist, Dr Alfred Lanning and while investing he discovers a real threat to mankind.

2. The Terminator

The second in the list of best most popular movies about artificial intelligence is The Terminator. This is about a Cyborg sent from 2029 to 1984 and his mission is to kill a waitress. And another soldier is sent from the future to protect this lady.

3. Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man is all about an android robot that was for domestic work by a family, gradually, this robot gains human traits and emotions. The movie tries to explain how even non-living machine can become friendly. This movie was Directed by Chris Columbus. You should watch this movie, very interesting.

4.  Metropolis

This movie is truly ahead of its time though it is one of the oldest science fiction movies. It portrayed the story of a man who accidentally discovers the underground world of workers who run the machinery that keeps the Utopian world functioning. He then sets out to help these workers in their struggle for a better life. This movie will definitely impress you

5. Transcendence

Transcendence is about a scientist Johnny Depp. He was working on a machine that has almost complete human knowledge and emotion, At one time, anti-tech radicals attempted to kill the scientist but his teammates managed to upload his consciousness to the machine. It was directed by Wally Pfister. Very interesting movie.

Other among the 10 Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence include:

  • Wall-E
  • Ex-Machina
  • The Matrix
  • Tron 
  • Star Trek: First Contact

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