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Do you have an android device? Have you been using an Android device for some time now? Or Did you just get an android device? If yes to any of these questions, this article is meant for you. In this article, you are going to discover 10 Best Android Apps you must start using.

Each day, more than hundreds of interesting app are developed and uploaded to the mobile app store. Most of these apps are very important for Android users. These interesting apps are available in the google play store, where you can download them free of charge. What is left now is to make a good choice of apps to download from the many apps in the various app stores.

However, we are here to show you the 10 best Apps for Android, not just nest but 10 mus have android apps from android app store. We have taken a lot of time to pick these apps for you. Now let’s show them to you.

Best Android Apps: 10 Must Have Android Apps for Android Users

1. The Google Drive App.


The google drive app normally comes with Android devices, but if you don’t have this app, you will have to get it now because it is very important for Android users.

Google Drive app is a cloud storage app, it offers cloud storage of about 15Gb for your files, be it pictures, videos or documents.

2. Nougat Icon Pack

If you get to install this app, I dought you would like to uninstall it again. This is because it transforms the looks of your Android smartphone into a very attractive device, by changing the looks of your icon. Download this app now if you really want your smartphone to look different from others today.

3.  Coastiality VR

This app never allows your hand to get dull when you are using your device. The VR (Virtual reality) effect of this app on your screen will always make you want to grab your phone during your leisure time. Play with this app and tell me what you think.

4. Google Play Music

Google play music app is unique, with google play music app, you can play your favourite music in your storage device and also download and play the latest interesting music online from the app. You can choose to get notifications on this app whenever new music is updated online. Google play music is a must have an android app that would arrange your music library in the most fascinating and appealing manner

5.  Messenger for Pokemon Go

This android app is made for game loves. With this app,  game players can chat with any member of the game easily without exiting the game. This app was built because most times,  players or members of the game would want to chat, then he/ she would need to exit the game before sending or re[playing a message. So this app is really good for game lovers.

6.  All-in-One Tool Box Cleaner

This is one of the best android applications. It has built-in tools that help to perform important tasks like; protection of privacy, battery optimization, cleaning of storage, managing files and more.

7.  Bitly

This app helps users to easily share their website link with their friends and others in social media. So if you wish to share website links with friends and fans on social media, this app will help you cut the link short and make it easier to be shared with anyone.

8.  1Weather

Because the weather has become one of the major topics of discussion today, this app has proved to be one of the best android apps an Android user can make use of. This app enables you to track and view weather forecast in your location. With this app, you can check on on temperature, precipitation forecast then, current phases of the sun and moon. When it comes to weather forecasts, this app is Indeed one of the best apps for Android.

9.  Newton Mail

This app helps android users manage all their emails at a time. It arranges all your emails and brings them to one single interface for effective utilization.

10. Fast

You may agree with me that the beauty of a smartphone is the internet speed right, this app will help you account for your internet speed, and would help users learn how to resolve their internet data speed issues. It can also help users decide on the usage of their internet with regards to internet speed. No wonder why it made the list of the 10 Best Android Apps.

How can you Get these 10 Best Android apps?

These apps listed above are available in the google play store. Go to your play store to download them now.

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